Tracey Phipps Redefines the Term Selfishness with Her Single "Selfishh"

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With the obstacles and boundaries life throws her way, Tracey Phipps finds self-love while singing openly about being selfish. The early-00’s inspired R&B singer/songwriter reveals her inner-pride through airy falsettos and firm tone. Taking the meaning of selfishness and letting you decipher her perspective. A talented creative if you ask me. 

Since grasping the ears of her current audience thanks to her single “Higher,” back in 2018.  Tracey returns 2-years later for the release of “Selfishh.” Her play on the word selfish, meaning “the act of taking care of yourself.”  Tracey explains that her goal for her music career is too always encourage listeners to fulfill their purpose. Listening to “Selfishh,” I can see what she means. With room to develop and grow, this Orlando, FL., female has set herself up to prove her worth in the music scene. Get ready because this is only her beginning. 


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