Victoria Gouveia Just Wants Everything to "Stay The Same"


Victoria Gouveia is a 23-year-old R&B/Hip-Hop singer-songwriter. Moving on her own to Toronto at only 17-years-old to pursue her career in the arts and entertainment industry, Victoria began by releasing her debut single “Beautiful Lie” in 2018, surpassing over 100,000 streams on all platforms. Since then, Victoria has been constantly working and building her career by releasing new music and visuals; including her debut EP “Relentless.” Following “Relentless,” Victoria took some time to re-identify herself through her 2020 2-track EP “Feelings.” Pushing herself as an independent artist to not get too comfortable; adding more versatility to her discography before the spring of 2021 approaches, which will reveal the next chapter in her career. 

This song defines me overcoming the heartbreaks that have come with past relationships I have endured. Having an undeniable connection with someone I cared for not reciprocate those same gestures for me. I needed to put these past issues to rest but felt lost, so I let it all out on this song; “Stay The Same.” – Victoria Gouveia

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