YELLY is a singer-songwriter from Sacramento, CA. At the age of just eighteen, YELLY has captured the eyes of thousands of individuals worldwide. With having just released a single with ‘MarMar Oso’ titled, “Feel The Same.” YELLY is undoubtably a star in the making.

How did you get the name “YELLY” and tell us a bit about yourself?

YELLY: They used to call me “YELLY” in school because my government name is “Danielle,” and one day my brother told me I should change that to my stage name. I could imagine my fans screaming that name.. so I ran with it! 

How was growing up in Sacramento, CA and what is your musical background like? Did you grow up in a musically talented family or was it a niche you picked up on, on your own?

YELLY: Growing up in Sacramento was really the best and the worst times. There is so much beauty in my memories of running around the city, but there is also heartache from tragedy.. I found music through the after school program in Elementary School. Nobody else in my family can sing, but my grandpa used to travel and play the trumpet. So I guess music just runs in my blood..

We love the sound of your voice, especially when it transcends with “MarMar Oso’s” melodic tones! Could you please tell us a bit about your connection with MarMar and how you guys met? (MarMar also discusses it in his interview.)

YELLY: I knew MarMar through mutual friends before we both really started flourishing in music. Musically we mesh together so well because we’re able to feed off each other’s energy as we create. We’ve grown to be good friends so we’re always vibing and working efficiently when together. You can definitely expect a lot more from us, we might just give the people a joint project.

Do you feel that you have achieved a milestone that has set the bar high for your music career or are you still trying to reach it?

YELLY: I feel like my career is just at its start and there’s so much more growth for the future. I’ve really been working on getting my name out there a lot more and building my following. This year I set to hit 20,000 followers by the end of the year on Instagram, because in the beginning of the year, I think I was only at 9000. I’ve surpassed that goal! For the future, I want to be a prolific artist so the next move is just to create hella genuine, good music.

Being you just turned eighteen, do you feel that it comes with boundaries? Or does seeing young artists nowadays, influence you to continue pushing?

YELLY: I look at my age as an advantage because I have so many years to develop my artistry so I know that’ll be a beast by the time I’m 22. It used to be kind of tough being a young artist, only because people would try to put me in this “kiddy box” I’ve never wanted to be in. But I think this generation has a lot of young people killing the game without boundaries.

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard one of your songs? What song(s) would you recommend people go listen to.

YELLY: I would describe my sound as very R&B & Soul but there is a lot of Hip-Hop fused into the basis of my sound. I would say to go listen to my song “Do You” to get a grasp of what my music is.

What is your take on the female artist seen where you are based in? Do you feel you guys are under appreciated or it’s love no matter what.

YELLY: I think the female artists in Sacramento are highly slept on. There’s so many talented women that are overlooked, simply because they don’t mold into what society expects of a woman in the industry. I think the city could show a lot more love to the ladies and I think we can do better at showing more love to each other.

I am a huge fan of the single “Feel The Same,” from the production to vocals properly corresponding with one another. How did MarMar and yourself come up with this song?

YELLY: Mar (MarMar Oso) & I came across the beat while doing a writing session at our managers house. We fell in love with the beat and automatically imagined how big the song could be before we even had the hook. When we came back the next day he had a fire verse and I had the hook and we really just fell in love with the whole concept.

Is there anything you would like to say to other female artists out there? Whether they rap or sing.

YELLY: As women, we have the ability to be as sensual and sexual as we want. But I think it’s important to hone in to our ability to make good music as well. Stay true to self, and don’t let the industry morph you into being something you’re not.

What can we expect from “YELLY” in the new year?

YELLY: You can expect a lot more music and just seeing more of who I am through my art and social media.

Lastly, what is one positive thing you would say about yourself?

YELLY: I would say my ability to be an intricate thinker allows me to dig deeper in every aspect of life. Whether it be in the creation of my music or the making of my business moves. I am always making knowledgeable decisions that can hopefully inspire the next person.  

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