Canada's Zenesoul and Aaron Ridge Touch on to "Love and Be Loved"

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Canadian R&B Artist Zenesoul shines bright with her enchanting new single ‘Love and be Loved’ featuring Aaron RidgeZenesoul takes the listener through an emotional rollercoaster as she shares with us her trials when it comes to being in a relationship. She does a superb job at showing love’s intricate nature, which at times can seem like a push and pull battle. In the first part of the song, Zenesoul sends chills down our spines as she lures us into her world with her vocals. Singing, “I know I’m complicated, there ain’t a perfect lady, but you love me regardless of it.. “giving insight into the complexities that come with being involved in a romantic relationship. Later in the song, she features Aaron Ridge, who on the other end represents the partner accepting one’s flaws and loving unconditionally. Embracing her imperfections, “couldn’t be with any other, falling deep with you, my lover. Let me drown, pull me under”. This song showcases loves dynamic journey and will surely keep you listening. 


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